User Experience Research Published at Socrata

In July 2015, we sent out a survey to representative citizens with the goal of systematically assessing their needs for open data solutions, as well as their current methods for answering their questions about public services. This report summarizes insights from 117 participants.
In August 2015 we conducted a remote unmoderated usability test to assess the user experience of Data Lenses, relative to data sets. This summarizes top insights from this study.
In September 2015, we sent out a survey to our customers with the goal of systematically assessing their goals, their usage, and their feedback on our products. Here is the summary of insights from 49 survey participants.
In early October, 2015, we partnered with six of our customers to run an intercept study on their sites, also commonly referred to as a Voice of the Customer study. Our goals in conducting this research were to understand who's using open data, for what purposes, are they successful, and how can we improve their experiences. This report summarizes the insights from the study with 372 participants.
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