Story settings

So far we've talked about editing the elements on your story page.  Now we'll run through the settings — those aspects that help you collaborate on and publish your story.
To start, click the Menu icon in the left corner of the top toolbar.  This panel is where you'll tweak the settings for each story.  
Near the top, you can edit the title and write a description.  These two fields will be used by Socrata's search engine to include published stories in relevant search results on the platform, and are also optimized for Google to crawl and populate its own search results.
You can also clone a story by clicking Make a Copy.   

Screen shot of the manage collaborators modal


In the same Settings panel, click Invite and Manage Collaborators.  Enter an email address and choose an access level: 
  • Viewers can see the story in read-only mode but cannot make changes to the text or settings.
  • Collaborators can edit a story, but cannot change the metadata or publish the story.
  • Co-owners can edit the story, change the title and description (the metadata), and publish a story.


You'll also use this panel to set the visibility of your story.  To make a story visible to a viewer without prompting a log-in, click the Make Story Public icon. You'll notice that if you make changes to a story you had previously made public, a second icon appears, Update Published Version.  The edits you make to a public-facing story will not be pushed to the live version until you say so. 

Story stats

At the bottom of the Settings panel, click View Story Stats. A new tab will open, showing you page views over time and top referrer URLs for your story.

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