Crime report for the week of November 9-15, 2015

Released by the Evergreen Department of Police, Public Information Office changes

In summary:

  • 654 incidents reported this week, 224 of which (34%) occurred in the neighborhood of Silver Spring.
  • The bulk of these incidents happened in a residence: 83 in a single family home, 52 in an apartment or condo, and 32 in a residential driveway.
  • Possession of marijuana was the most commonly recorded incident this week, as it has been for the past 9 weeks.

Click on an area of the map below to see the locations and details for each incident

Incidents of note: 

A brazen jewelry store heist occurred at the Van Jewelry & Gifts store on 11/14 at 6:27 p.m. The suspects, two white males, entered the store, displayed a handgun, and obtained merchandise worth an estimated $432,000.  Anyone with information regarding this incident should call (800)-325-0091, our anonymous tip hotline.
Higher than average vehicle thefts occurred between 11/12 and 11/14.  These incidents, all involving broken driver-side windows, were centralized around Falls Road, Wootton Parkway, and Hurley Avenue.
As the chart on the right shows, a spike in crime occurred on Monday night and the early morning hours of Tuesday.  This is due largely to the aftermath of the Evergreen Hornet's agonizing home loss on Monday Night Football.  
Evergreen Police were prepared, dispatching additional beat units to the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium, primarily making arrests for disorderly conduct, thus keeping more serious vandalism and bodily harm in check.
The chart below shows types of crime sorted by frequency.  Possession of marijuana and driving under the influence were the two most commonly recorded incidents. 

Public Safety Day will be held on November 28

Public Safety Day was founded in 2009 to shine the spotlight on Evergreen's first responders and their mission in a fun, educational event for the community.  This day gives people a chance to interact with first responders on a level that does not involve an emergency situation and to learn about what they do and the tools they use.  This year's event will be held in the Evergreen Elementary School gymnasium and parking lot from 1-4pm on Saturday, November 28.

More than 14 public safety agencies from Evergreen and the surrounding areas will bring their helicopters, police cars and motorcycles, SWAT trucks, ambulances, fire trucks and more for the public to experience first hand.

Update on Public Safety budget for 2016

The Evergreen executive office has finalized it's budget for 2016.  Click on the chart below to see how the city's projected public safety operating expenses will break down for the upcoming year. 

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