Sharing and embedding a story

On the Settings panel, click Share and Embed
The Embed Code field contains the HTML used to generate a tile for the story.  See the examples below. Think of these tiles as dynamic snippets of the underlying stories, comprised of the title, description, and an image from the page.  You can embed this tile anywhere on the internet — a website or blog, for instance.  And that tile is automatically hyperlinked, driving traffic directly to your story. 
And these story tiles can easily be placed on another story, as they are below, helping the user create collections of stories or story chapters using the media block.  It's a great way to showcase and navigate among a group of related narratives.

Social engagement

The other field in the Share and Embed panel, called Story URL, generates a permanent link to the published story.   Paste that link into your Twitter feed, and Twitter will automatically pull the text from those two fields, along with the first image on the page, to generate a polished-looking Tweet that hyperlinks back to your story.
We'll build similar sharing functionality for other social media platforms in the coming months.
Twitter embed

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