How to create a story and add text

Once you're logged into a Socrata platform with the Stories module enabled, navigate to your profile page, click Create new and select Story from the dropdown list.  Give your story a title and click Create.  You'll be taken to a blank story with a placeholder title.  This is the editor interface.  Your story starts here.

Component block types

Writing your story ... the building blocks

Click the Add Content button on the top menu bar.  As you scroll through the overlay panel, you'll see a list of the different component blocks. Drag a couple onto the page to see how it works.  The list is comprised of the following core types:
  1. Static text blocks: combinations of headers and paragraphs, all fully manipulatable using the edit toolbar at the top of the page
  2. Media blocks: Socrata and non-Socrata visualizations, images, videos and embeddable HTML
  3. Combination blocks: combines text and media
  4. Hero blocks: blocks with special behavior — a full-bleed banner image block and an author block
  5. Static non-text elements:  horizontal lines and spacers

Style options

"I want my story to look like the rest of my website."

Once you've added some content to the page, play around with the style of the page by toggling to the Style & Presentation panel and selecting another style.  See how the typeface, spacing and color palette changes?  
Similar to the component blocks, the style list is also built to be extensible.  Additional styles can be added to each domain based on the branding needs of the organization.  For instance, you'll notice that the style of this page doesn't match any of the default styles shown above ... the reason being that it has a custom style applied to it.  
Currently, the Socrata Customer Success team will manage custom style creation for our users.  But in the future, our goal is to give users the ability to build their own style without any assistance from us.

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