About City of Fedak
Open Budget

As part of the Mayor's Smart Fedak 2050 initiative, the city is making its budget open to the public via the new tool City of Fedak Open Budget. Have you ever wondered what those library fees add up to? Want to visualize trends in public safety expenses over time? Fedak Open Budget is here to serve you.
I took a look at City of Fedak Open Budget for the first time today. Wow! This interface makes it so easy to look up and visualize Fedak's revenue and operating expense data for the fiscal years 2013 through 2016!
— A concerned citizen

Finding opportunities

For business owners, seeing where the City of Fedak is putting its dollars means finding opportunities for investment, partnership, and input. Fedak Open Budget allows users to drill down into services, programs, departments, and funds for a detailed look at where the city's operating expenses are allocated each year.

Budgets at a glance

For policymakers, referring to budgets from past years used to be difficult and cumbersome. With Fedak Open Budget, getting a high-level overview of last year's revenues or expenses is quick and intuitive.